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Anal fracture is a encroachment of the honestness of the secretion flat solid of the anus, the inception of which may be both outward physics damage and normal biology processes. Anal crack is a defect of the secretion membrane of the anal canal. A scissure in the opening furnish is one of the nigh joint reasons for a visit to the proctologist. Damage arises regardless of age and sexual connecter of a person.

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Anal groove — a law-breaking of the structure of the structure of the mucous membrane of the fallible anus. In size, the crack normally ranges from one to two centimeters. But, despite this, the disease, if odd untreated, can lead to perilous health conditions for a person. This upset is one of the first places among the most standard problems in the field of rectum diseases.

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7 Best exercises to encourage healing from an anal fissure - DIY Health | Do It Yourself Health Guide by Dr Prem

Anal fissures are really painful as they are opening in the anus lining. Cuts which are deep at clip appear at the opening finished which the stools pass out from the body. specified fissures can also leave many a tags execution out from the initiatory of the anus.

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